We can all agree that pain is a pain, but when presented with more mature patients suffering with acute pain the approach that the Osteopath takes can make a huge difference in the treatment and speed of recovery of the patient.

During any osteopathic consultation the initial and continued assessments are vital in giving safe treatment to the patient. A patient with a pain in their lower back may in fact have a problem in their neck and the pain they are feeling is referred.

As we get older we acquire a longer list of previous medical conditions and all of these in conjunction with type of jobs we have worked and the lifestyle we have lived will influence the current health condition.

Older age can cause weaker muscles, osteoporosis and fragile bones, all of these must be taken into consideration when dealing with more mature patients.

When the pain is so acute that the patient cannot even lie down to be treated, there other ways of approaching the problem. Treatment can be limited by the sensitivity of the patient but it doesn’t mean that the person cannot be helped. Seated massage, manipulation and realignment of joints can all help along with rhythmical movement and articulation to help free tension in the muscles. The process of recovery may be slower but, patient safety is paramount in all treatment given.

Ultimately we want you back on your feet and enjoying life again without pain.