Acute pain in the elderly

We can all agree that pain is a pain, but when presented with more mature patients suffering with acute pain the approach that the Osteopath takes can make a huge difference in the treatment and speed of recovery of the patient. During any osteopathic consultation the initial and continued assessments are vital in giving safe [...]

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Slip Sliding In The Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog……..

It seems that every day brings a new weather condition for us to deal with and for many of us bad weather can have severe consequences on our health. From colds and flu to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, injuries from slips and falls as well as old injuries resurfacing and causing us pain. [...]

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MOT Time

So why is it that as human beings we are happy to check almost everything apart from our general well being? Car MOT, Winter Driving, Oil, Screenwash, Anti Freeze Top Up - CHECK Yearly Eye Test - CHECK Twice yearly Dental Health - CHECK House Insurance, Utility Supplier and Boiler - CHECK You name it [...]

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