So why is it that as human beings we are happy to check almost everything apart from our general well being?

Car MOT, Winter Driving, Oil, Screenwash, Anti Freeze Top Up – CHECK.

Yearly Eye Test – CHECK.

Twice yearly Dental Health – CHECK.

House Insurance, Utility Supplier and Boiler – CHECK.

You name it – we check it BUT – when do you take time out to check up on yourself?

Did you know that by having an assessment on your physical well being and regular back care you are less likely to require prolonged treatment when something does go wrong.

We now offer a Back Review Clinic – A complete spinal  and biomechanical assessment followed by a advice on correct posture and deep tissue massage to put a spring back into you step.

If you would like to find out more or book an appointment please call us on 01603 456505.