It seems that every day brings a new weather condition for us to deal with and for many of us bad weather can have severe consequences on our health. From colds and flu to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, injuries from slips and falls as well as old injuries resurfacing and causing us pain.

Did you know that Osteopathy can help keep you in tip top condition?

Regular treatment can help to improve circulation which in turn helps injuries to recover more quickly and can help complement traditional treatment for people suffering from chest conditions.

Having good posture is more likely to keep you upright and on your feet, however if you do take a fall, injuries such as torn or damaged muscles, bruising etc can all be treated by an Osteopath.

Cold weather can aggravate conditions such as arthritis and old injuries causing pain and limiting movement – treatment from an Osteopath can help to free up tight muscles and loosen stiff joints.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, please seek medical advice and look after yourselves.